Day Five

Day FiveToday, I am really beginning to work on my health and nutrition as a means to fight.  I talked to Farra, a wonderful woman who works at Greenlife, in the health/supplements section, and she gave me some great tips.  So far, this is what I have that I need to consume daily:

-flax seed oil in my morning yogurt

-fish, three times a week

-liquid b-vitamins each morning

-liquid iron+herbs before breakfast and dinner

-at least one egg a day

-green tea whenever I want something hot

-always drink water with lemon juice

Not too bad, I should think.  None of it tastes gross, which is good.  Farra said that we won’t do any more than standard supplements until we know exactly what I’m dealing with.  If the surgery next week takes the entire cancer out, then we will just work on getting me back to health.  If, however, I have more work to do, Farra’s got many more tricks in her bag.  Her baby’s father has a brain tumor, and it is shrinking without any use of Western medicine, thanks to Farra.  I am going to put as much trust in her as I can.

I got a book called Natural Cancer Cures by some group called “Health Experts,” and I may try some of the ideas they have in the book.  It seems that this is a good book for me, since I plan to go with some traditional and alternative therapies.  The remedies in this book are meant to compliment, not work against, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.  First thing on my list of cancer fighters: Flor Essence.  It’s a tea made of 8 herbs that has been used since the early 1900’s by a nurse in Canada.  Apparently, 45% of all Canadians with cancer use this tea, and I want to give it a shot.  I think Greenlife has that, too.

Susan came by last night.  She didn’t know what was wrong, but knew something was very wrong.  I told her, and she is going to help me with my reaction to having cancer, accepting others’ reactions to my cancer, and telling others that I have cancer.  I cried to her a bit last night because I’m not on duty on Thursday, and she thinks I should just be on duty anyway, and use that chance to tell the girls on hall why I haven’t been around.  I think she’s right, but I’m scared.  How do I tell already fragile teenagers that I have cancer, that the person who is most responsible for their well-being is sick herself?  It’s going to be really hard, and I’m not sure if I can do it on my own.

Started yoga today, for the 500th time.  I’m sticking to it, this time.

Weight: 121.5; Mood: Peaceful yet Unsure


34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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