Day Seven

Day SevenI’ve been sitting, waiting, all day.  I had my CAT scan and bloodwork done yesterday, and the nurse who ran the CAT scan said that I would know results after 24 hours.  Well, it’s officially been 29 hours, so I need to hear my results.  I called my surgeon’s office already, and left a message.  I can’t concentrate on anything until I know.  But, then again, I’m pretty sure I already know.  From everything I read, if you have abdominal pain, you are already in the later stages.  Scary thought.

That makes me want to post here, for anyone who may stumble upon this site, my symptoms, as they occurred.  Though I thought they were flukes, were trivial, I was wrong.  I should have gone to the doctor with this years ago.  I may not be in the position I am right now had I just been willing to speak up about how I felt.

So, if you have…

-Change in bowel habits (be they looser stool, constipation, or anything irregular)

-Blood in your stool (ANY)

-Pain when having bowel movements

-Pain before having bowel movements

-Pain anywhere

-Nausea when having bowel movements

-Loss of appetite

Go to the doctor.  Don’t wait.  Don’t forget about it if it goes away.  Just go.  Even if it’s nothing, isn’t it better to know that it’s nothing?  I’ll answer that for you.  It’s much, much better.

So, if the CAT scan suggests that my cancer is only in that one spot of my colon, the surgery will go on as planned.  What if I have cancer all over my colon?  What if I have cancer on my liver?  My heart?  Lungs?  Lymph nodes?  Blood?  I could feasibly have any of these, and until I speak to my surgeon, I will continue to consider the worst possible outcomes.  Let’s say I have cancer on my liver.  Do I still have surgery next week?  Or does he have to think of a new game plan?

An update on my nutritional supplementation: I’m feeling quite peppy after a few days of juicing and supplementing.  I’m actually  feeling vibrant, considering.  A friend told me that my color was good.  I may be losing weight (though not actually tangible yet), because my pants feel bigger, but I haven’t had as much of an appetite, so I think that’s legitimate.  Unexplained weight loss is another symptom of late-stage colon cancer, but mine is explainable.  I’m not eating as much, period.  Trying to at least keep up with what I would be eating normally.

Just had a friend visit for 2.5 hours.  It sure is nice to have supportive friends.

Weight: 121.5, Mood: Annoyed with Doctors, Grateful for Friends


34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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