Day Thirty-Nine

Day 39Today, I walked 2 miles!  Yes, I am just as shocked as you are.  I knew I needed to really get onto that walking thing – not that I hadn’t walked at all, just not nearly as much as I should – but I had not since I found out that I had cancer.  I’ve done yoga a bit, and cleaned, but other than that, I have been taking it perhaps a bit more easily than I should have.  If I can walk 2 miles (albeit in 40 minutes, so not fast-walking), I can do a lot more than I credited myself for.

After working for about 4 hours yesterday, I began to get nauseated.  Really, already, just sitting upright is too much?  But, in fact, I may have been totally off base.  In fact, I had not been doing enough physical activity to give myself the energy to get through a day, or even a half-day, of work.  So, 2 miles today.  Not a lot, really, but 2 miles is a big step from nothing at all.  Next thing you know, I’ll be walking 5 miles, or running a mile, or running 3.1 miles (5k)!  I’m feeling very positive today, much thanks to the good vibes from the “workout.”

I contacted my school’s athletics director to see if she would give me some working out and eating right advice.  Hopefully, I will have that information available soon.  The more you know, the better.  I wish I had stumbled upon someone else’s blog like this before I went through the toughest month of my life alone.

Weight: 117, Mood: Energetic!


34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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