Day Fifty-One

Day 51Is anyone reading this blog?  I have enjoyed documenting my ups and downs, my losses and celebrations, but if no one is reading this, then I may just stop writing.  I’m going to be very busy soon, with yoga lessons, acupuncture appointments, working out, oncologist appointments, etc.  If this is helping even one person, I will continue to write, so please let me know if you are reading this.  If not, this may be my final post.

Quick update.  I have decided for sure not to do chemotherapy.  Since I live in Asheville, I feel comfortable that I can find the right person to help me with alternative therapies, including Chinese medicine.  I’m excited to take this next step, and I’m even more excited not to be getting chemo.  If I get cancer a year from now, maybe chemo would have helped.  But then again, maybe it wouldn’t have.  Since I have chosen against chemotherapy, it has to be the right decision.  I know it is.

Weight: 115; Mood: Ready


34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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2 comments on “Day Fifty-One
  1. Sarah says:

    I just came across your site and noticed you hadn’t posted in a while. How are you? I hope you’re doing well and that you’re in remission.

  2. logansuzanne says:

    I just posted my first update in a long time. Please read it, and continue to read. Tell any friends you have who have endured tragedy to check it out. We can all help each other!

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