Day Three-Hundred and Seventy-Seven

So, it’s been over a year since I was diagnosed.  So many things have happened since then.  So many things have happened since the last time I posted on this blog.  Recently, I have decided to pick it back up, mostly for those of you who did express interest, and for those random people looking for answers, opinions, experiences, who don’t know where to turn.  I’ve decided I’m going to be here.  For anyone, and everyone, who will listen.

After my last post last year, I found out that my cancer had indeed metastasized (spread) to a lymph node.  One single lymph node, but it made all the difference.  Instead of dealing with stage II cancer, I was dealing with stage III, and once it gets into lymph nodes, it goes cellular, unseen.  So, my doctor at Duke suggested chemotherapy after all, and I began in November.

To receive chemo for any extended period of time, you must have surgery to have a port placed.  A port is like a permanent IV, so they don’t have to re-stick you every time you go for treatment.

I feel nervous even beginning to type the next part of my story.  Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be…

On the night that I had my port placed, my husband cheated on me with a woman he worked with.  This was the “officially cheating” night, but things had happened between them before, unbeknownst to me, of course, because I was a bit busy dealing with other things.  He finally told me about his infidelity on the day that I received my first chemo treatment.

I decided to forgive him and move on, after about two months of nothing but pain.  Then, on January 1, 2010, I receive an email from an old friend, explaining to me that she too had relations with my husband, which began before I found out about my cancer, pouring into October, after I had found out.  They were no longer seeing each other, but the pain of that betrayal still stings today.

This is just the first taste.  There is so much to get into here, but I don’t want to write very long blogs, so I’ll go further tomorrow.  Thanks for continuing to read.


34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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One comment on “Day Three-Hundred and Seventy-Seven
  1. Rosanne says:

    Hi Suzanne
    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and my heart goes out to you. Hopefully my experience can help you if your cancer progresses. They found a spot in my liver after chemo for colon cancer stage III. I decided to do an alternative cancer treatment… and it WORKED! And I don’t mention in my blog but I can relate to the pesonal issues you had with your husband. My boyfriend of 6 years left me when it looked like I was going to need more surgery and more chemo. Nothing like kicking a girl when she’s down! But I’ve gotten along just fine without him. Anyway please read my story at It might be able to help you. I have nothing to gain by telling my story. I just want to help as many people as possible! You’re in my prayers, Rosanne

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