Day One Thousand, Three Hundred, and Sixty-Five

cancer survivor boomI am done counting days since I was diagnosed, so this is the last annoying day-count title.  I will always look back on August 28, 2009, as one of the worst days of my life, but I am moving on, and quite nicely, I would like to add.  I am changing the format of this blog to reflect my changing nature.  I am no longer defiantly fighting cancer, nor am I overly focused on its existence in my life.  I am, however, working very hard to make myself more healthy than I have ever been, and more happy.  This blog will focus on what makes me happy, and what keeps me healthy.  No more doom and gloom.  No more overly-self-reflective junk.  Just me.  Happy healthy me.

One of the things I have been really focused on lately is weightlifting.  A few great resources for folks, especially women, interested in weight lifting, but either a) don’t know where to start or b) are afraid to “bulk up.”  Which you won’t, by the way.

Here are a couple of helpful links:

Now, I’m not saying I’m superwoman now or anything.  As you can see, I’m still little ‘ol me.  However, I am stronger than I have been in at least 10 years.  I have a very small upper body, so any muscles on my arms is a feat.  If you look realllllly closely, you can see them in the pic.  I have actually gained about 5 pounds, but don’t have any difference in pant fit, or “bulk,” as some might call it.  That can only mean I am adding muscle and not adding fat.  So I call that a win.  Would it be helpful to put my weightlifting routine on here?  Pictures?  Videos?  Let me know!

34 years old. Colon cancer survivor. Mom and wife, lover of life.

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2 comments on “Day One Thousand, Three Hundred, and Sixty-Five
  1. Incredibly inspired by your blog and your story. Thanks for reading mine, and the lovely shoutout 🙂 (And I think your arm looks ripped!) XOXO

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